Study in Poland

  • About Poland

    Poland is one of a fascinating country located in the heart of Europe and possesses of several educational facilities, top universities and institutions, attracting students from different parts of the world. There are numerous reasons why students choose to study in Poland over other countries

    First and foremost, Poland offers low price of living and even the educational expenses are far less matched to any other university in Europe. Poland is witnessing economic development at an accelerated pace. But, this has not led to a dramatic intensification in the costs of living as well as studying there. Students who have studied or are studying in Poland are of the opinion that the cost of living and studying is considerably lower than other EU nations. Around 200 to 400 Euros is more than enough to meet basic accommodation expenses, transport as well as food. Also, expenditures incurred for entertainment as well as participating in cultural events is also quite less than the EU average.

    Poland’s economy is growing at a quick rate. The GDP rate for Poland in the past few years on an average has been nearly 5%. In recent years, unemployment level has piercingly declined. In the year, the unemployment rate was around 20%, but it fell to 11 % in 2014. In the years 2013 and 2014, the wages of Polish professionals have grown at an annual rate of 15%. As far as civilization increase and progress is considered, Poland has risen as one of the leading nations drawing students from across the border.

    Higher education institutions

    Higher education institutions in Poland are both public and private. The public schools are funded entirely or partially by the state whether as the private schools are fully supported by private funds. Many universities and medical academies in Poland are always public. There are nearly 400 higher education schools in Poland.

    Structure of studies

    • First cycle studies last three years and award the Bachelor’s (or Engineer’s) degree (in Polish – Licencjat).
    • The second cycle lasts no longer than two years and students who finish it holds a Master’s degree. Master’s degree empowers the students to continue their education and applying for the further PhD studies or begin to work.
    • Third cycle studies continue for 3 to 4 years and can be accomplished by the students with Master’s degree. To receive a doctoral degree in Poland, a student has to pass the doctoral examination, write and defend the dissertation before a committee.
    • The long cycle studies last 4 to 6 years, depending on the field of studies. After completing this study cycle, students earns a Master’s degree.
    • Summer courses play a significant part of the university agenda. They are conducted during summer vacation (July to September) and last several weeks.
    • Lectures and classes Study programmes in Poland include:
      • ● Lectures
      • ● Classes
      • ● Laboratory classes
      • ● Seminars
      • ● Discussion groups.
    • TLectures are attended by up to several students. During small seminars, students are expected to play an active part in discussions and make full use of practical knowledge. The classes are usually made up of 25-30 students as a group. The classes are designed to support the interaction between students. Personal interaction with the tutor is quite encouraged. The purpose of to help students improve their critical thinking and transferable skills.

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