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  • Why study in Norway?

    With a wide range of high quality courses and great flexibility, Norwegian institutions prove to be an ideal study destination. From vocational subjects to postgraduate and doctorate level, there are plenty of opportunities for students to fulfill their ambitions. You will also benefit from the informal atmosphere at Norwegian universities and university colleges, where teachers are easily approachable and tuition often takes place in small groups.

    Internationalization is a priority within all sectors of the Norwegian education system, and universities and university colleges are constantly working to facilitate for international students. Nearly 12 000 foreign nationals are currently enrolled at Norwegian institutions of higher education.

    Norway offers you a unique student experience and Norwegian institutions of higher education welcome applications sent by qualified students from all over the world.

    Pure research is important to all areas of society and is a vital factor in higher education and researcher recruitment. Pure research has also laid the foundation for wealth creation in Norway in areas such as the oil and gas, aluminum and aquaculture industries. Norwegian business enterprises reported a total of NOK 18.2 billion in research and development (R&D) expenditure in 2009.

    Industries & Research

    One of the main priorities of Norway’s research policy is to further strengthen long-term pure research efforts in all subject areas at universities, university colleges and research institutes. These institutions form the cornerstone of the Norwegian research system: this is where research-based teaching takes place, where new researchers are recruited, and where new knowledge is generated and disseminated to society and industry.

    Notable companies in Finland include Nokia, the market leader in mobile telephony; Stora Enso, the largest paper manufacturer in the world; Neste Oil, an oil refining and marketing company; Aker Finnyards, the manufacturer of the world’s largest cruise ships (such as Royal Caribbean’s Freedom of the Seas); KONE, a manufacturer of elevators and escalators; and Finnair, the largest Helsinki-Vantaa based international airline.Though foreign investment is as not high as some other European countries, the largest foreign-headquartered companies included names such as ABB, Tellabs, Carlsberg, and Siemens.

    Famous inventions from Norway include Cheese Slicer, Aerosal spray, Gas Turbine, Paper clip & key card.

    Life style

    Explore the unknown and challenge your own limits – the people of Norway have never been afraid of going their own ways. A thousand years ago the Vikings sailed their ships south to the Mediterranian, east to the Black Sea and all the way west to Greenland, and many historians claim they even made it to New Foundland in North America.

    Today, Norway is a modern country where their explorative mindset is geared towards technology, innovation and developing knowledge based society. They also continue to further develop their oil & gas industry, fisheries and traditional industrial areas.

    Norwegians have a reputation of being somewhat introvert and difficult to get to know. But this should just be perceived as a first impression misunderstanding. Norwegians are generally both welcoming and open minded towards foreigners. They have a direct way of communicating and often speak out their opinions.

    Country Facts
    Time : Current Time
    Capital : Oslo
    Largest City : Oslo
    Population : 4,957,200
    Indian Population : 5630+
    Area : 148,746 sq m
    GDP : $414.462 billion
    Per capita : $84,443
    Language : Norwegian
    Religion : Christianization
    Continent : 148,746 sq mi
    Currency : Norwegian krone (NOK)
    Calling code : +47
    Internet TLD : no
    Drives on : Right

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