Study in New Zeland

  • Why study in Newzeland?

    New Zealand’s colleges and universities are well respected internationally and offer a broad range of educational opportunities for international students here. Whether it is secondary education, English language training or further and technical education, New Zealand has something for everyone.

    New Zealand’s education system is based on the prestigious British system. We offer world-class facilities, resources and teaching staff, and our qualifications are valued and transferable throughout the world. The OECD Program for International Student Assessment (PISA) ranks New Zealand’s school system very highly.

    Some Key Points about NZ Study Option

    • • One year study and get a three year work visa!
    • • 20 hours/week study, 20 hours/week work
    • • Work Full -Time when colleges is closed
    • • Work Permit upon successful completion
    • • 7- 8 Months Study and 4-5 Months Holidays in 1 year Student visa Period
    • • Permanent Resident possibility after 2 years

    New Zealand offers:

    • • World-class quality education program – teaching and resources
    • • Competitive tuition fees
    • • Lower cost of living (particularly accommodation)
    • • A modern and sophisticated lifestyle
    • • Easy access to one of the world’s most beautiful natural environment

    List of Universities

    • 1. University of Auckland
    • 2. Auckland University of Technology
    • 3. Massey University
    • 4. University of Waikato
    • 5. Victoria University of Wellington
    • 6. University of Canterbury
    • 7. Lincoln University
    • 8. University of Otago

    Industries & Research

    New Zealand’s public health system has produced medical inventions such as the Baeyertz measuring tape for accurately predicting human birth dates. New Zealand is earthquake-prone, and government scientist Bill Robinson developed the seismic shock absorber, a flexible building pile. Colin Murdoch invented the tranquilliser gun and disposable syringe.

    Traditionally, New Zealand’s economy was built upon on a narrow range of primary products, such as wool, meat and dairy products. It has small manufacturing and high-tech sectors, being strongly focused on tourism and primary industries like agriculture.

    New Zealand’s most famous industries are the agriculture and tourism sections, both of which feature heavily in its economic and social makeup.

    Life style

    New Zealand has a diverse multi-cultural population with the majority of New Zealanders being of British descent together with the indigenous Maori. New Zealand has close ties with the nearby Pacific Islands bringing the many cultures of the pacific into the mix as well. In more recent years there has also been an increase in the number of Asian migrants

    “Kiwis”, as New Zealanders are known, are acknowledged as having a relaxed “can do” attitude to life. They have a great appetite for sports, the arts and whatever life offers with the great outdoors and unique landscape. They are genuinely hospitable and share a real interest in people of different cultures.

    Country Facts
    Area : 103,483 sq mi
    GDP : 140.434 billion
    Per capita : $32,145
    Language : English
    Religion : Christianity
    Continent : North American continent
    Currency : New Zealand dollar (NZD)
    Calling code : +64
    Internet TLD : .nz
    Drives on : Left

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